"wont go silent"
by Beth Marlin

San Francisco singer songwriter Beth Marlin debuted her song, #WontGoSilent on inauguration night last year at SF's Bazaar Cafe and the audience couldn't help singing along. It continues getting great responses and audience participation every time she sings it. Around the same time in 2017 Pint of Soul director Dan Foldes started filming at protests and rallies around the Bay Area. The people and scenes captured were overflowing with inspiration and activism, and he quickly realized the need to turn the footage into a fully fledged work paired with a song. After hearing Beth's song and proposing a collaboration, the search for music was quickly finished!

#WontGoSilent is both a personal history for Beth, the granddaughter of immigrants, as well as a call to action for those who hear and see the video. We must not go silent!



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